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"I have thought more than once when leaving Hygeia and it occurred to me again today, how lucky I am to have found a practice as wonderful as this. Tom, you are always so kind and helpful it makes walking into the office a pleasure. Robyn, besides taking a virtually painless blood draw, I find you generous with your time and extremely thorough in your treatment of me both as a person and me as your patient. You are so much more than simply my OBGyn — we have covered a myriad of topics since I've started seeing you and you've been so helpful across the gamut. Know that I deeply appreciate it and you."

"At last, a Doctor who is willing to listen and explain all the ways I can support my health and try to stop the progression of my diseases. Finally I feel like I have some hope and I am being heard! Thank you to the whole staff and especially Dr. Jacobs."

"Top of the line service from all. Thank you! Love that you are going back to basics where a patient has time, attention and expertise from the Dr. Also, Dr. Jacobs is very knowledgeable and went the extra mile to explain things to help me to understand what was going on. She is ahead of the game with Functional medicine and I appreciate that she shares all of her new information with me."

"I feel very lucky to be in the care of someone who is so completely dedicated to her craft and the major project of improving my health. The amount of time and effort that Dr. Jacobs devotes to her patients has yielded amazing results in my case, and a pattern of continuous improvement in general health and elimination of chronic pain. I couldn't possibly thank her enough. All staff are friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and caring, creating a successful and warm healing environment."

"It is wonderful to know that when I come in to see Dr. Jacobs that she is generally concerned and interested in my family. It is not a cold environment and she takes the time to know me and what I am dealing with. That type of service is hard to find and I appreciate it greatly."

"I am very pleased with the quality of care I am receiving from Dr. Jacobs and the staff of Hygeia. Communication, quality of care, knowledge, and advance preparation for patient visits is outstanding. As a consumer of the traditional medical model who has been searching for answers for many, many years from multiple specialists throughout the country, my experience with Dr. Jacobs and her staff is the very first time I am absolutely confident that an extremely competent physician has thoroughly reviewed and researched my case and medical data, considering how all body systems are interrelated, versus treating only one specialized body system to the detriment of another. This is a welcome relief from the traditional, rushed medical model that merely treats or masks the symptoms of one body system, but does not reveal the root of the issue, nor does it address how all body systems are interrelated. I am confident I am taking steps back toward health with this very effective team and Functional Medicine model."

"Thank you for all your help. I am feeling like myself again :-)"

"I find Dr. Jacobs' approach rare and refreshing, among the healthcare professionals I see in this area. She listens with a compassionate and professional ear, and meets me where I am. She offers a comprehensive perspective, rather than just evaluating my gynecological needs. She seems genuinely interested in a variety of patient concerns. Her willingness to offer individual suggestions designed for my unique needs has really helped to guide me toward sustained wellness."

"I was continually put at ease. I was not rushed through any process. Dr. Jacobs had great patience listening to all. It gave me confidence that she wanted to solve my health issues."

"Thank you all for your great care. Dr. Jacobs you really blessed me and I feel pleased to be in a much better place than before my time with you."

"I am thankful that I found Dr. Jacobs!"

"I love the high quality of care that I receive at Hygeia. I never feel as if Dr. Jacobs is rushed or distracted. She gives her full attention to me and listens to my concerns. Her health suggestions are always explained fully and I also appreciate the printout which I can refer to as needed. The waiting area is comfortable and soothing and all the staff are friendly and helpful!"

"Thank you, Hygeia has made such a difference in my life!"

"I feel that Dr. Jacobs has an efficient, coordinated set up these days. I feel comfortable that I can be open and honest and ask any questions I want. Dr. Jacobs is a good listener and concerned with all aspects of my health; also open to alternative solutions which other Dr.'s might approach from a more rigid perspective. And I feel that she's always doing research to learn about new products available to help her patients. Also, she's thorough. And I like her!"

"I am so grateful to have you!"

"How refreshing it is to be able to work with your Dr. to come up with a well examined plan and solution to resolving your health issues."

"I love that visit are scheduled so I don't feel rushed and Dr. Jacobs really listened."

"I love the experience, having a Dr. take the time to research my issues, taking the time to explain my healthcare!"

"What can I say... I love you guys!!!"

"Hygeia, Dr. Jacobs and everyone involved with the office are caring, efficient, very friendly, and knowledgeable. This is the ideal for health care."

"I am 54, have lost 21.5 lbs on FLT, have cholesterol as low as in my 30's now, FEEL FULL OF ENERGY. Dr. Jacobs is just ahead of the curve: she reads and knows the trends in the research and is smart enough to know what is important and useful. That she gives to her patients. So THIS YEAR at Dartmouth they are beginning to talk about the philosophies behind the creation of Hygeia. But you just can talk it. It is crucial to facilitate it, and that Dr. Jacobs does in spades. NO ONE has ever given me such detailed explanations of blood work, of the effect of vitamins and substances (e.g. cortisol) on my general health. And this is not a one time occurrence; it is the feature of EVERY VISIT with this doc"

"It was so wonderful to visit with Dr. Jacobs. She listened to me and used her excellent clinical skills to come up with a medical plan. After leaving her office I felt well-cared for, feeling that that I have not felt for a long-time from a medical provider. Thank you!!"

"I am just so grateful for this kind of health care. Thank you."

"You create a safe and supportive environment for taking care of myself. Thank you."

"This is the ideal patient experience!"

"I am grateful for this type of health care. I have been improving in spite of a very complicated disease, and I am so blessed because of it. Thanks so much! Looking forward to more improved health. The relaxed environment makes it nice too."

"I can only say that if there was an "excellent ++" I would check all of those! I have never experienced such personal attention at any other office and never feel rushed or glossed over ...quite the contrary! Dr. Jacobs has my utmost trust that she really cares and is informed. I've spoken of her often to my friends :-) thanks!"

"Since I have been coming to Hygeia I have made some positive changes. I am feeling better and have been able to loose some weight and have been sleeping better."

"I always feel comfortable and in good hands with Dr. Jacobs and the office staff. They are both attentive to my needs and sensitive to any requests. Such a relief to have "found" this type of practice!"