Functional Medicine in the Upper Valley. Lebanon, New Hampshire


DR. JACOBS IS FEATURED in Amy Fortier's Daily UV column Better Bad Decisions.
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HYGEIA SPRING NEWSLETTER is now available. As a medical student I was repeatedly taught to ask myself one question prior to ordering a laboratory test - Will the result change clinical management? Just because we have the capacity to know information about a lot of things, testing for everything as an academic exercise is fraught with risks. » Read more

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"Hygeia, Dr. Jacobs and everyone involved with the office are caring, efficient, very friendly and knowledgeable. This is the ideal for health care."

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Hygeia office

Doctor Robyn Jacobs is a board certified gynecologist offering a functional medicine approach through her practice Hygeia: Optimal Health Through Functional Medicine. Hygeia is conveniently located on the mall in Downtown Lebanon, NH, easily accessible to residents of the Upper Valley and throughout New Hampshire and Vermont.

Dr. Jacobs is recognized by The Institute for Functional Medicine as a Certified Practitioner in functional medicine. This additional training has allowed her to take her practice to a new level, providing a holistic approach to support patients in meeting their health care goals. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our unique approach to health, the gynecology and general health care services we offer, and how a functional medicine approach can help you start your journey to optimal health today.

Functional Medicine:
A Science Whose Time Has Come

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Why "Hygeia"?
In Greek mythology, Hygeia is a daughter of Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing, whose staff entwined with a snake is the symbol of medicine.  Hygeia is the goddess of health.  A friend recommended the name and it was a perfect fit!

Dr. Robyn Jacobs